Oak Island

Posted: 29 May 2008 in Uncategorized
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View of Oak Island beach from our beach house

This past weekend at Oak Island, NC was extremely fun. My sister got married, I got to catch up with family and friends, and I got to bask in the beauty of the ocean and great weather. It was very depressing to leave. The beach house we stayed in was surprisingly nice. The game room had a large poker table and there was an enormous hot tub. If you think sitting in a hot tub looking out on the ocean is cool, you’d be right. The wedding itself took place right on the beach. The background was punctuated by the odd pelican plunging into the surf, shooting up large sprays of water.

View of a private pier on Oak Island, NC -- aka a crime against humanity

There was also a pier within easy walking distance, but the piers there are privately owned and this one was closed. It’s just such a shame that something so wonderful can be closed off to public enjoyment. We did find another pier down the beach that was open and we went fishing. I caught a small shark, but that was it. There were a multitude of skates and jellyfish in the water, as well.

A small shark I caught off a pier in Oak Island, NC

All in all, it was a wonderful and relaxing trip. We had to board Daedalus and Willow since the beach house did not permit pets even to set foot on the property. We also had to wait until 4pm Monday before we could get them from the kennel since it was a holiday. As soon as we got them, we went right back to the beach and let them play. Daedalus went insane. I have never seen him run so much. He also kept going up to the water and trying to drink it. He’d make a face and run down the beach and try again. “Maybe this water is good!” He did that a few times before retching it all up, the poor blighter. Willow played frisbee in the surf and seemed to really like it too. Good times.

A small crab at night on the Oak Island beach next to my flip-flop

I barely slept at all the whole trip, which didn’t differ much from normal, since I barely sleep at all these days anyway.


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