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Posted: 9 July 2008 in Uncategorized
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So I am on the market after getting my masters.  I’ve posted my resume to Dice and Monster and a couple others.  Monster gets the most unsolicited calls.  I’m finding that recruiters are an odd lot.  There are some who are pleasant, though to a man (or woman) they’ve never heard of NLP or computational linguistics and have no idea how to help me (with the exception of the one or two recruiters I’ve contacted for NLP jobs).  For the most part, they seem to not even read my resume.  Oh, you have Java skills?  How about this Java grunt job that only requires a bachelor’s degree? Waste of time.  The best are the ones who contact me in broken English with a multitude of typos.  Yeah, right.

I have been told that with my CMU degree, I should be looking exclusively at the big corporations:  Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.  If I do my time there, I can get a job anywhere and have a good career.  That’s true, I’m sure.  Something about startups is really attractive to me, though, so I’ve been looking at a lot of them.  What if the only job I can get at a Googlosoftazonahoo is not NLP-related?  Everything is so rushed.  I have a September 1st exit date for CMU and I want to be in the city of my chosen job by then.  Add lease problems.  The problem is my decision to abandon academia didn’t come at the right time:  back in the winter.  I am, however, more confident than ever that it was the right decision.


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