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TunkRank, Meet Tickery

Posted: 5 May 2010 in Uncategorized
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Tickery is a rather awesome application of FluidDB that lets you explore Twitter in a number of ways. I mentioned previously in post on recent TunkRank improvements that TunkRank scores would soon be integrated with Tickery, and thanks to Terry Jones and his crew, the time is now!

Full disclosure: I’m a fan of FluidDB. I think it’s an awesomely useful technology and concept and I’m happy that TunkRank scores can be a part of it. One cool thing is that FluidDB’s permission system is designed so that even though Tickery is using TunkRank’s data, TunkRank still owns it. It can be revoked at any time if there was a reason to do so (not that I can imagine such a thing will ever be the case). Also, the data in FluidDB for Tickery and TunkRank are completely independent. Anyone else can come along and add a new set of data for mash-ups that would then use all three, without TunkRank or Tickery having to do a thing.

Playing around with Tickery

Now when you use the advanced search on Tickery, you can filter your results by TunkRank score, letting you do some interesting combinations on the data. For example, if I want to see who I’m following TunkRank scores greater than 50:

has and > 50

There’s lots to play around with there, especially when you start comparing the friends of various users. For example, if you wanted to know who Daniel Tunkelang (@dtunkelang) and I both follow who have TunkRank scores less than 20:

has and
has and < 20

Those people have something clearly in common, and it tells you something about the interests that Daniel and I share. I hope you check it out and let me know what you think.