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Well, one more reason to dislike Obama, or at least his supporters, as well as this whole political system.  Stephen Colbert was blocked from being put on the Democratic ticket in South Carolina last week.  Turns out, the culprits were a group of Obama supporters.  Inez Tenenbaum, the once superintendent of education in South Carolina (and failed Senatorial hopeful), is a vocal supporter of Obama.  She pressured the gang of 16 members of the Democratic executive council to exclude him from the ticket.  They acquiesced and voted 13-3 to block him.

What is wrong with this picture?  For starters, 16 people decide the who gets to run and who doesn’t for president.  This is one of the hidden daggers in the representative government model.  The American Empire is about voting for one of several candidates the media has hand-picked and groomed to be president.  Of course, this isn’t the media’s fault, they are only watching the money handed down to them and doing what good goons do.   We don’t elect people who operate based on the consensus of the people who put them there.  We elect people who then may do whatever they damn well please while making pretty noises.  Not always even pretty noises (cf. W).  So who votes for this elite cadre of people who make and break presidents before they are even on the ticket?  I guarantee that more than 99% of the electorate doesn’t participate in this process.

Here is a rich line from Tenenbaum after she lobbied the executive council to get Colbert thrown off the ticket:

“I think lobbying was too strong a word.  I called them to see what they were thinking, and if they had made up their mind. I am a volunteer in that campaign, and so I am not a staffer. And I thought it could have taken votes away from a lot of people.”

Logical problems aside, this is also a half-truth (what your mom referred to as a lie).  The fact is, Obama supporters consist of a lot of young, college-educated voters.  Young, college-educated voters watch Colbert.  So by “a lot of people,” she meant to say “my master.”

I’m just so fed up with the Sheepocratic party for their high-talking hypocrisy.  The so-called mandate that they completely rolled over on, showing that they are yellow-bellied toadies is just the start.  There is dirty dealing everywhere I look.

Morning Madness

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Ever get pissed twice before you’ve really even opened your eyes? This is why I shouldn’t read my RSS feeds so early in the morning. At the top of the list is Bush equating Democrats who oppose the war (as if it could be called opposition, anyway) to those who ignored Hitler and Lenin and then Hillary firing back. Am I mad at Bush for making this analogy? No and I think he’s correct, but not in the way he thinks. I’m more angry at Hillary for firing back and not recognizing her own culpability. The Sheepocrats sat back and did nothing four years ago when this war began and passed the Patriot Act before that. They have endorsed the war at every stage since and even their current so-called opposition is luke-warm and putrid with its weasliness. So yeah, they are like people who ignored the rise of Hitler and Lenin. If she had recognized that and said it publicly, it would have done her credit.


Next up, I was reading a few bit twiddling hacks and came across a nice one for branchless absolute value [hat tip]. The hacks are all in the public domain, too, so that’s good. He does list the occasional variation that is patented, an enormously helpful fact if you’re producing commercial software. So here is the patented version of the branchless absolute value:

int v; // we want to find the absolute value of v
int r; // the result goes here
int const mask = v >> sizeof(int) * CHAR_BIT - 1;
r = (v ^ mask) - mask;

The last ^ (XOR) – (subtract) combination represents the patent. What works also?

r = (v + mask) ^ mask;

As Sean points out, though, the patent probably could be contested if the holder (none other than Sun Microsystems) ever tried to enforce it. So what ticked me off is that such a thing could be patented. I raise my hands in impotent fury at the ludicrousness of software patents. I don’t blame the inventors for them, it’s something you pretty much have to do these days. I blame the system that makes that true.


Did some benchmarks on the two versions of absolute value given above.  Using a 3.06GHz processor, I could run 4 billion absolute values in 18.916 +/- 0.021 seconds for the patented version and 18.906 +/- 0.026 seconds for the free version.  So no need to even bother with the patented version it looks like.

Dennis Kucinich is not afraid to say the thing many people are wondering. Is Bush freakin nuts? Does he really think World War III is going to break out if Iran gains the knowledge of how to make nuclear weapons? Who are the sides? The middle east versus the rest of the world? Oh and North Korea. Plus a couple countries in Africa so embroiled in their own civil wars, they’d be lucky to send 100 men to fight off this giant.

CNN’s political ticker has this:

“I’ve told people that, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,” Bush said at a news conference earlier this month.

The Democratic presidential candidate later said he does not consider questioning the Bush’s mental health inappropriate, according [to] the Inquirer’s Web site. [emphasis mine]

I’m about 99.9999% sure that any nuclear weapon Iran acquired would be used for one purpose and one purpose only: deterrence. What Bush is actually saying here is “if you’re interested in avoiding a US invasion of your country, it seems like you ought to be interested in getting a nuclear weapon.” He really can’t see the connection between posturing to overthrow a government and that government’s desire to acquire a nuke to prevent that? This version of diplomacy is like the battered wife who kills her husband in order to escape. Only this husband thinks the wife is going to get a gun and is trying to kill her first.

As usual, Kucinich is the only one brave enough to speak out against this looming evil. The rest are off scrambling around in the dirt for the pennies tossed at them by the corporate patrons. Pelosi can barely look up long enough from the feast of pork-in-a-barrel to notice.

On a side note, I like the CNN editor’s rendering of the bolded sentence above. That’s a direct quote as of 10:00am Eastern time.

Probably would not be noticeably bad. Colbert certainly is attracting a massive amount of attention after declaring his desire to run as a candidate in South Carolina. Whereas Barrack Obama’s facebook group was haled as a success after gathering 384k+ members, Colbert’s group skyrocketed to over a million in just one week. So does he actually have a shot at the presidency if he decided to kick it up a notch and run in all 50? That certainly seems to be the case with younger voters at this point, but would it hold out at the actual election? On Wonkosphere, he’s got a buzz percentage of about 4%, roughly one-third of the buzz for the candidates the media is telling you to vote for (Hillary and Giuliani).

Better yet, he should run in 48 states, singling out 2 as “handicap” states to give the other candidates a fighting chance. I’m sure he could find a pair funnier than Alaska and Rhode Island, but that’s a start.

Also, for a good read about why the democratic leadership isn’t worth two farts in the wind, you should check out today’s article on Dissident Voice.

Came across this funny little video asking the simple question, where was Rudy? Rudy Giuliani had “scheduling issues” and so couldn’t make it to the Republican Debate discussing issues pertaining to “Black America.” The video explains exactly what he was doing.

  1. Morning press conference announcing Pete Wilson supports him (more on Pete Wilson below the jump)
  2. Evening fund raiser featuring Bo Derrick and Dennis Miller where he raised $100k.

The video leaves you with the question: “Where are his priorities?” Well, obviously not with Black America. And Republicans never really have bothered very much with Black America, so why start now. For a party that supposedly opposes abortion, they do very little to help the segment of the population who is forced into having the most of them. Black teens historically have twice as many abortions as hispanics and nearly three times as many as non-Hispanic whites. Of course, that doesn’t matter to Rudy either.

I sure hope this joker doesn’t get elected.


Affect on certain landmarks with a one meter rise in sea level

If sea levels rise one meter, we could see a lot of stuff disappear beneath the waves, including Wall Street. Maybe then corporations and certain politicians would listen to reason. A bunch of historical landmarks would be affected as well, including Jamestown.

Well, I didn’t get a chance to listen to Edwards last night on MSNBC, since I apparently can’t work a TV anymore. I thought I was watching MSNBC, it was actually NBC and then after Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island made the Democratic response and there was no John Edwards, I realized my mistake. Thanks to the wonders of the giant tubes that make up the interwebs, I was able to watch his speech:

I was pretty happy about the speech, though it came off as disappointingly weak at the end. He made a convincing, fairly non-aggressive case against prolonging the war, arguing from simple practicality. It seems this approach could possibly be better at persuading conservatives and fence-sitters than saying that Bush and the military are terrorists (ala Rosie O’Donnell). And yes I know she didn’t actually say that. What was weak in Edwards’ speech was the whole “timeline” business. It annoys me whenever I hear it. It’s so open-ended. If by timeline, he means in three weeks, then I can live with that.

Another problem here is that while Edwards has come out on the side of peace, he still voted for the war: a serious failure in judgment. And I don’t even listen to Obama (aka Obomba) when he chastises other candidates for voting for the war. Based on his long history of voting to prolong W’s endless war, I have little doubt that Obama would have been right there with his “aye” raised high when called upon to vote to overthrow a sovereign nation whose leadership we installed.

It returns to the fact that there is only one choice: Dennis Kucinich. Electability is a term invented by the corporate-sponsored media. Real electability is what happens when you actually go out and vote with your mind and heart instead of voting because of what some plastic face on a TV screen tells you to do. Dennis Kucinich is the only one who has opposed this war at every turn, the only one who has a real plan to bring our troops home. Edwards was right when he said the only way to force a political solution between Shiites and Sunnis is for us to get out of there. Kucinich has been saying that all along. We should hold all of these democrats accountable and vote for the only one with the clarity of mind and morals to do what was right from the very beginning and elect Kucinich.

And the bodies lie scattered…

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More sad news from the Endless War. The New York Times is reporting at least 250 dead in an attack on two Kurdish villages, Qahtaniya and Jazeera. As they always do, these numbers will surely rise. As of the time of the Times report, at least 40 obliterated homes had not been searched for casualties.

Reading these stories is enough to make you weep. They also report on a Kurdish woman stoned to death by her own people for dating a Sunni man. Sunnis then killed 26 Kurds in response. And then to hear the US Ambassador spin it: “This indiscriminate and heartless violence only strengthens our resolve to continue our mission against the terrorists who are plaguing the people of Iraq.” They are plaguing Iraq because we brought them there. As long as we are there, they will continue to plague Iraq.

It’s time to leave.

Karl Rove to Resign

While this is good news, it’s not great news.  This is but one head of the hydra and she will live on.

My friend John (the Wrathful Dove) pointed me to a great article today about Barack Obama, who is turning into quite the warhawk. This comes as no surprise. All of the mainstream candidates are clones of W with a different set of pretty noises to placate one special interest or another (be those the religious right, gays, fiscal conservatives, pro-abortion, wev). War is a business and big business backs all of the mainstream candidates. By pocketing them all, they ensure a win-win.