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The Crowd Thins

Posted: 30 January 2008 in Uncategorized
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Well, Edwards is all set to announce he is dropping out of the democratic race and Ghouliani has withdrawn from the republican side. Of the mainstream democrat candidates, Edwards was the least likely to become corporate lapdog of the year. He had some unfortunate things against him, which made me less than meh about his bid, but I would have preferred him to Clinton or Obama. My prediction is Obama will take it. As for the Republicans, I was terribly wrong about McCain’s prospects. Which evil would be worse? McCain or Romney in the White House? I must say, though, I am so, so glad that Ghouliani was a miserable failure. If he had been made president, the world would have been a much darker place.

Rudy Giuliani (Ghouliani) - EPIC FAIL

At this point, no one is heading to the White House that I support. I refuse to support the lesser of two evils and so will almost certainly be voting Green as a protest.

Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race for president. I liked him on Law and Order, not so much as a presidential candidate. Now he can go back to doing something he’s relatively good at. I’d feel more secure if Ghouliani dropped out (kudos for the name). His continued presence gives me shivers. He’s probably waiting for McCain to screw up and drive the electorate into his arms.

Brother Rudy

Posted: 2 January 2008 in Uncategorized
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Good ole Rudy Giuliani is up to no good. His recent television spot is nothing short of evil. I’m sorry, but when you blatantly use FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) for political gain, you might as well announce your intention to become a tyrant. He’s apparently using the political playbook of Goebbels. By simultaneously portraying muslims as vicious animals and Iran as a warmongering nation led by a madman, this ad is a masterpiece clumsy bit of propaganda. I hate to think that people are stupid enough to believe him.

Frontrunners Faltering

Posted: 4 December 2007 in Uncategorized
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Giuliani and Clinton are both faltering as the early primaries approach.  According to CNN, Giuliani is down 9 points while Clinton is down 11.  Huckleberry Hound is in second place for the Republicans, leading the has-been McCain, the ridiculous Thompson, and the irrelevant hypocrite Romney.  Meanwhile, Obomba is a distant second for the Sheepocrats with Edwards trailing at an even more distant third.  And of course, the principled candidate Kucinich is not even mentioned.  The poll in question has an error of +/- 5%, so it was pretty small.

Oh yeah, McCain

Posted: 28 November 2007 in Uncategorized
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McCain and Rudy sittin in a tree
Photo: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

I sometimes forget John McCain is running for president. The guy came in second last go-round (2000) against W, but this time he just can’t seem to get his foot out of his mouth. CNN is reporting on a Florida poll that puts him in a distant third (tied with Fred-freakin-Thompson) to Giuliani’s fairly decisive first.

Time to drop out, buddy. Time to hang that crazy hat on the walls of Congress alongside John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. Yeah the media collects your soundbites when you beat on the empty drums you collectively call your heads, but no one is listening. You may now join the ranks of the Marginalized.

Came across this funny little video asking the simple question, where was Rudy? Rudy Giuliani had “scheduling issues” and so couldn’t make it to the Republican Debate discussing issues pertaining to “Black America.” The video explains exactly what he was doing.

  1. Morning press conference announcing Pete Wilson supports him (more on Pete Wilson below the jump)
  2. Evening fund raiser featuring Bo Derrick and Dennis Miller where he raised $100k.

The video leaves you with the question: “Where are his priorities?” Well, obviously not with Black America. And Republicans never really have bothered very much with Black America, so why start now. For a party that supposedly opposes abortion, they do very little to help the segment of the population who is forced into having the most of them. Black teens historically have twice as many abortions as hispanics and nearly three times as many as non-Hispanic whites. Of course, that doesn’t matter to Rudy either.

I sure hope this joker doesn’t get elected.


Giuliani = Hamas?

Posted: 17 August 2007 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes journalists say the damnedest things. “Giuliani’s Gaza Analogy” caught my attention because I haven’t been following the Republican candidates very well and was curious what his take on Israel/Palestine was. Alec MacGillis goes through some moderately interesting points about Giuliani’s 17-page foreign policy proposal, trying to say that he will deviate from the neo-con stance that democracy should be established whenever and wherever we go, regardless of the cultural and political climate in the countries we (will) invade and/or influence unduly. Personally, I think this is whitewashing. Just because he recognizes that democracy won’t take root in a place like Iraq or that it will elect “terrorists” in a place like Palestine doesn’t mean he has left neo-con behind.