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Posted: 2 September 2007 in Uncategorized
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Just the other day I was discussing upcoming conferences with my friend Eric.  We were lamenting the choice of location for the 2008 ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics) conference in Columbus, OH — my hometown.  At least I can stay with family (assuming I even go).  The conference I really want to go to (and actually have a chance of going to) is ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning) in Helsinki, Finland.  Eric said he’d rather to go to Spain, which sparked a very brief and unsuccessful search for conferences dealing with computational linguistics in Spain.

Today I came across a post on the newsgroup pointing to a new wiki for calls for papers.  How timely!  And very nice.  A brief search on WikiCFP revealed that Eric’s best chances are for the EURALEX conference in Barcelona, which deals with dictionaries (including software approaches).  Not that he’s doing any work with dictionaries.   I may be, though, with my new project.  I’d much rather go to Helsinki, though, and ICML would do my career a lot of good.