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The Cyc project has been going on for some 15 years. I first heard of it when I took a class on Artificial Intelligence (surprise!). People in the knowledge engineering community that I have had the chance to talk to seem to have the opinion that the Cyc project is good intentioned, and going about it all wrong. After talking to them a bit longer, I discovered that’s what they think about everyone else in the knowledge engineering community.  (And yes, that is a troll for any KE folks reading this.)

No one agrees on anything, and why should they? Their job is basically assigning concrete forms to meanings floating on the emergent sea of flashing neurons that is human consciousness. Easy, right?

The @cyc_ai bot on Twitter spouts random facts from the Cyc knowledge base. It’s kind of cool. It’s also bat-shit crazy. Here are some gems that I have seen.

DataJunkie: Finished my first OS programming assignment. Not bad. Will have to set up SVN or something so my partner and I are not writing separate code

cyc_ai: @DataJunkie Every barricading a car and taking the occupants hostage. has some barrier as a proper subsituation.

DataJunkie: @cyc_ai What???

Indeed.  So I replied.

ealdent@DataJunkie @cyc_ai has only spouted random insanity at me. if it ever becomes self-aware, it will be bat-shit crazy

@cyc_ai was compelled to reply.

cyc_ai:  @ealdent Spouting is a type of movement process.

cyc_ai:  @ealdent Every stream has conducting as a sub-event.

Saturday, I tweeted the following:

ealdent: drinking coffee that smells like wet dog but tastes pretty good. might have to wring my dogs out later and save some money.

cyc_ai: @ealdent A vogue is a type of taste.

Thanks, @cyc_ai!


Dennis Kucinich is not afraid to say the thing many people are wondering. Is Bush freakin nuts? Does he really think World War III is going to break out if Iran gains the knowledge of how to make nuclear weapons? Who are the sides? The middle east versus the rest of the world? Oh and North Korea. Plus a couple countries in Africa so embroiled in their own civil wars, they’d be lucky to send 100 men to fight off this giant.

CNN’s political ticker has this:

“I’ve told people that, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,” Bush said at a news conference earlier this month.

The Democratic presidential candidate later said he does not consider questioning the Bush’s mental health inappropriate, according [to] the Inquirer’s Web site. [emphasis mine]

I’m about 99.9999% sure that any nuclear weapon Iran acquired would be used for one purpose and one purpose only: deterrence. What Bush is actually saying here is “if you’re interested in avoiding a US invasion of your country, it seems like you ought to be interested in getting a nuclear weapon.” He really can’t see the connection between posturing to overthrow a government and that government’s desire to acquire a nuke to prevent that? This version of diplomacy is like the battered wife who kills her husband in order to escape. Only this husband thinks the wife is going to get a gun and is trying to kill her first.

As usual, Kucinich is the only one brave enough to speak out against this looming evil. The rest are off scrambling around in the dirt for the pennies tossed at them by the corporate patrons. Pelosi can barely look up long enough from the feast of pork-in-a-barrel to notice.

On a side note, I like the CNN editor’s rendering of the bolded sentence above. That’s a direct quote as of 10:00am Eastern time.