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A recent journey through the Steel City. And yes I am a menace to public safety. This is downtown, which people from the ‘Burgh pronounce [dɑ:ntɑ:n] instead of the Standard American English [daʊn’taʊn]. If you’re not familiar with IPA, it’s more like donton. But not quite. It’s amusing.

Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh English is also sometimes called Pittsburghese, a term that I’m not especially fond of. But there is definitely a difference here. Two of the biggest things that people will notice are the use of a the word redd up, meaning to straighten up. That word is actually of Scots-Irish descent. My original suspicion was from the German aufraeumen, but that’s wrong. Pennsylvania Dutch has a strong influence in other parts of Pennsylvania, so it was the obvious starting point. Also, the verb need is used as the passive auxiliary so whereas in Standard American English (and most other dialects of English), you might say

The room needs to be vacuumed.
The room needs vacuuming.

Pittsburghers will say

The room needs vacuumed.

Most speakers reject this as ungrammatical. Interestingly, this Pittsburgh dialect also crops up all over Pennsylvania, but not so much in Philadelphia. My wife, who is from the York area (sort of East-South-Central PA), says these things also. They all sound perfectly grammatical to me now as I’ve grown accustomed to hearing them, but I don’t actually say them. (Yet?)


Love your enemies

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My wife Donna found another great bumper sticker the other day and snapped the pic below:

Love your enemies - bumper sticker

“When Jesus said ‘Love your enemies’, I think he probably meant don’t kill them.”

That seems pretty clear to me.

Weekend in Dover Montage

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As I mentioned before, I spent last weekend with my wife’s family in Dover, Pennsylvania (which is right outside of York).  We had a cookout and went to the fair.  Rather than posting a horde of pictures, I made this little montage.  The highlight of the fair was seeing an American buffalo calf being fed (row 2, column 4).  The thing was incredibly rambunctious — the farmer clearly had a hard time keeping it settled for the dozens of hyper kids to come up and pet.   There were also some alpacas, sheep, goats, and — of course — pigs.

Weekend in Dover, PA Montage including the York Interstate Fair, a corn field, my dogs, my nephew (sort of), alpacas, pigs, goats, sheep, and flowers.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

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Donna and I went to Settlers Cabin Park today just west of Pittsburgh with my friend Eric and his fiancee Julie. The dogs came along and we cooked out and had a nice little picnic. After going on the teepee trail, I came across a woolly bear caterpillar. I’ve always found these caterpillars really interesting, because they look so freaky. People raise them, since they turn into Isabella tiger moths, which are a pretty-ish speckled beige.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar at Settlers Cabin Park west of Pittsburgh, PA

After returning home, the dogs were wiped out, which is exactly what we were hoping for.

My dogs Daedalus and Willow lying on the couch after a long day at the park

Dog Obsession pt. 3

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Whenever we make up our bed and put all the decorative pillows on it, Willow loves it. After a night of visitors, we came into our bedroom to find Willow passed out beneath a minor avalanche.

My dog Willow sleeping on our bed beneath an avalanche of pillows

This picture was taken with my new cell phone on the highest quality level (1600×1200). The image was too large to send to myself via email so I bought a 1 GB micro SD card off of newegg for about $12. It’s a great way to get around spending extra on picture/video messaging. It won’t be saving me anything, though, since my phone plan includes more free messages than I’m likely to ever use.

Dog Obsession pt. 2

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Daedalus never rolls in the mud, but he will occasionally roll on something stinky. This mess, however, was not his fault. Curious and dopey, he stood by watching a black lab dance in a giant puddle.

My poor dog - Dirty Daedalus

This shot was taken with my new 2.0 megapixel camera phone. Not the best picture in the world, but vastly better than my previous phone, as you can see here.

Cathedral of Learning

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There was a big thunderstorm this morning that totally drenched my feet. However, in the darkness I did see something that I thought was quite cool. The Cathedral of Learning at Pitt with its crown shrouded in clouds. Unfortunately my piece of crap cell phone doesn’t do it justice.

Cathedral of Learning in the clouds during a fairly nasty thunderstorm.