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Dog Obsession pt. 7

Posted: 8 April 2008 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while since I posted a picture of the dogs, so here’s Daedalus being curious about a sound outside.

Daedalus\' cute face

Look at that cute little dirty nose. Went to the dog park.  Daedal was being good today, but Willow was being possessive with her frisbee and attacking any dog that got too close. Multiple dominations were required and it was hard to keep my cool, which doesn’t help. On the way out, we were throwing the frisbee and someone released their dog to go “play” with her. So the pit bull charges Willow down as she’s bringing back the frisbee and she snaps at it and they get into a scuffle. For one thing, damn pit bulls. For another, why does she insist on picking on dogs so much scarier? One of the dogs she was getting snappy with was a great dane three or four times her size. She’s a fierce little devil.

My dogs Daedalus and Willow at the dog park

Australian shepherds are supposed to be good protectors. She’s so scrawny, it’s hard to believe she could be. Contrary to the name, Australian shepherds didn’t originate in Australia. They were bred from several different breeds in the western United States in the 1800’s. Originally, one of their ancestors probably came from Spain where Basque farmers used them with their livestock. During the landrushes of the 1800’s, many breeds were mixed in the American West. Dogs of UK and Spanish descent are believed to have contributed the most to the breed that came to be known as Australian Shepherds. The name seems to have come more from the fact that herding dogs were bred for specific landscapes in Australia and that practice was applied to this emerging breed. So Australian Shepherds are to Australia as Continental Breakfasts are to Europe.

I’m no expert here, so if I’m wrong, hopefully someone with more knowledge will fill in the gaps and/or correct bad info. As I understand it, there is a good deal of controversy.

Dog Obsession pt. 5

Posted: 2 November 2007 in Uncategorized
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Donna wasn’t feeling well today so I took the dogs to the dog park solo — a very rare act for me.  Despite some initial social anxiety, it didn’t go badly.  Autumn is really starting to kick in, though it hasn’t peaked yet.  There are still plenty of green leaves on trees.

My dog Willow on a trail in the fall at Frick Park in Pittsburgh

View of the South Hills from Frick Park in Pittsburgh during the autumn

Dog Obsession pt. 4

Posted: 3 September 2007 in Uncategorized
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Daedalus is a sucker for some good sunbathing and stick-chewing. When he should be doing his business, he likes to plop down on some warm grass, grab a stick, and then proceed to gnaw it down until he almost chokes to death on it and I have to rescue him. Once he had a stick jammed between his teeth at the back of his throat and I had to reach in and break the stick in his mouth. This harrowing escape from death behind him, he proceeded to try to grab the shreds of the stick I had just shattered in his mouth and chew some more.

The cute little blighter.

My dog Daedalus chewing on a stick.


Dog Obsession pt. 3

Posted: 31 August 2007 in Uncategorized
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Whenever we make up our bed and put all the decorative pillows on it, Willow loves it. After a night of visitors, we came into our bedroom to find Willow passed out beneath a minor avalanche.

My dog Willow sleeping on our bed beneath an avalanche of pillows

This picture was taken with my new cell phone on the highest quality level (1600×1200). The image was too large to send to myself via email so I bought a 1 GB micro SD card off of newegg for about $12. It’s a great way to get around spending extra on picture/video messaging. It won’t be saving me anything, though, since my phone plan includes more free messages than I’m likely to ever use.

Dog Obsession pt. 2

Posted: 23 August 2007 in Uncategorized
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Daedalus never rolls in the mud, but he will occasionally roll on something stinky. This mess, however, was not his fault. Curious and dopey, he stood by watching a black lab dance in a giant puddle.

My poor dog - Dirty Daedalus

This shot was taken with my new 2.0 megapixel camera phone. Not the best picture in the world, but vastly better than my previous phone, as you can see here.

Dog Obsession pt. 1

Posted: 7 August 2007 in Uncategorized
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I mean, aren’t they just crazy cute? Unfortunately they are also crazy. Willow has been dividing her time between dropping balls at my feet, pestering Daedalus (which makes him squirbble like mad), and trying to dig under our couch.  Balls keep rolling under there, so when she’s bored, regardless of whether there’s actually a ball there, she tries to claw her way under the couch.