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Thanksgiving 2008

Posted: 3 December 2008 in Uncategorized
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Bit late, but I wanted to post a couple thoughts on the just-passed Thanksgiving.  My immediate family (mom and sisters) converged on my eldest younger sister’s house in Durham, NC.  We had an absolutely fantastic turkey covered in some sort of fennel-based concoction, courtesy of my brother-in-law.  It was succulent.  Rapturous, even.  The trip there was frustrating.  There were numerous accidents and tons of traffic.  Much delay and cursing was to be had.  I almost gave up and wanted to turn around, but we soldiered on.

The biggest downer was the fact that a close family member had to be taken to the emergency room.  I won’t say which, for medical privacy reasons, but it was a bit scary.  They are better now, but it will require ongoing treatment.  It wasn’t food-related.

My sister and brother-in-law have some salt water fish, including a puffer that has grown a couple orders of magnitude since they got it.  It’s slowly eating its way through the other fish in the aquarium and gets really angry when you get near it and aren’t feeding it.

And (good gravy!) isn’t this the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?

The cutest baby ever.  Yes, even cuter than yours.

The cutest baby ever. Yes, even cuter than yours.


Spore Creature Creator

Posted: 18 June 2008 in Uncategorized
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Spore is probably the most anticipated game of the year.  Indeed, it has been anticipated for quite a while.  It’s by the same dude who did SimCity and the Sims, yada yada, if you want to know all that you can check out the myriad gaming articles out there who care a lot more about the particulars than I do.  The main thing of interest to me is the creature creator at this point, since Maxis just released a demo version of it.  You can also buy a non-disabled version for $10 (digitally starting at noon CST today).  The demo version limits the variety of parts you can add pretty significantly.  What it does let you see is how well it animates and interprets the morphology of the creatures you make.  And it’s pretty frickin’ cool.

Below is one of my creations, Otzertzen.

GWAP Promo

Posted: 18 May 2008 in Uncategorized
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Figured I’d post this promo video the GWAP group did.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in the filming of it since I was visiting my dad and family in Ohio for the first time after many years.  So unfortunate in that I missed the filming, but the alternative was worth it.  Johnny Lee had a not insignificant role in the making of the video, I believe.  Check out his stuff if you haven’t, he’s doing some pretty amazing things with Wii remotes.

Mein Führer, die Cowboys haben verloren…

Posted: 26 January 2008 in Uncategorized
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I’m not at all a sports fan, but even I can appreciate this humor. Sorry if you’ve already seen it (I actually saw it last week and was just reminded of it). My favorite line: “It’s ok, he can afford one, don’t worry.”

Just came across this very amusing video via the Bad Astronomer.  The Large Hadron Collider is one of those things that could produce some amazing science, but has also caused a number of scientists to express worries that it might destroy the planet.  Cool, huh?  Most scientists consider that to be doomsaying, and that the LHC will be benign while yielding amazing results.  The video ignores any mention of dangers at the LHC (it is, after all, a propaganda piece), but I found it very fun to listen to it for what is not said.

Do I actually think the LHC poses a threat to human life?  I have no idea, since I’m not a particle physicist, but my suspicion is that we’ll still be here after it fires up.  Imagining the end of the world is one of my favorite mental hobbies, though, so one can always hope.